Our Certificate

COFFEE BADANG CAFÉ is manufactured in a clean room environment that strictly adhere to Total Quality Management system that guarantee and ensure top quality from every steps and stage of production. COFFEE BADANG CAFÉ is certified halal by JAKIM and obtained certification from KKM and MESTI.

“ Minum Secawan, Nak Bercawan-cawan !!! ”

“Highly suitable for weight reduction program. I successfully managed to shed 16 kgs in 100 days. In total for a year is 25kg by incorporating this coffee in my daily diet program. For full story, kindly refer to my personal FB Page Ballan Paraman.”
Dr. Ballan Paraman

Last program

“Sambutan Hari Kastam Sedunia” with “Kopi Badang Cafe”

jelajah usahawan
miti & agensi

The arrival of the “Deputy Minister of MITI” Datuk Seri Ahmad bin Haji Maslan.

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