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Minum Secawan, Nak Bercawan-cawan..


To be the most reliable and reputable premium quality product manufacturer that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed customers.


To develop a lasting relationship with our customers and clients through exceptional understanding and customer services.


We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through understanding, reliability, honesty, integrity and creativity as our business operation.


Dr. Ballan Paraman

Our story

Our goal is to be a part of our customer’s life routine. We committed to serve our customer, a great cup of rich aromatic coffee and also with love blended with care for their health. Kopi Badang cafe makes you feel the fresh start up of your precious day. Our company was founded in 1990, Dr Ballan Paraman and Mr. Shamsul Kamal Abdullah in Johor, Malaysia, where our head office located. Our company business principles are at the basis of company’s culture, which shows the honesty and long-term thinking.

The process of creating a cup of coffee is very distinctive. Our company endeavored to bring premium taste with good health to our priceless customers. Our company reputation is based on upliftmenting of our customer’s satisfaction, quality, and integrity.

Our passion has given birth to the growth of the finest quality of our product. Kopi Badang cafe allows you to find the lovely moments of your life with a flavour of happiness. The mission of strictly organic coffee is to provide in sustainable manner to enrich the lives of our customers.