Badang means a famous character in local Malay folklore. He is known to possesed super strong strenght, humble,simple, honest and sincere character. The name Badang is chosen as the brand name for our coffee product to reflect the close connection with our community. We are committed to produce and market only natural, pure and premium quality coffee. Our coffee products are free from artificial colorings,flavorings, preservatives and adulterated ingredients. Our sincere and honest promise to our customers is to serve a cup of real coffee as the way it should be. Coffee Badang Cafe means symbol of Quality, Natural and Trust.

Product Innovations

Our manufacturing facilities comprises latest state of art technology machineries with minimal human involvement in a clean room environment for uncompromised quality requirements. We use only high quality premium raw materials to ensure our products are truly premium in quality. ALMH is a Total Quality Management company with highly trained personnel to ensure products are produced without compromising quality from the beginning until the finished goods are delivered.

100% Quality

COFFEE BADANG CAFÉ is the only brand in the market ( 3 in 1 ) made from high quality natural ingredients without any artificial substances such artificial flavouring, artificial colouring, artificial preservatives and adulterated coffee. This is to ensure COFFEE BADANG CAFÉ is truly natural to provide the real coffee pleasure to all coffee lovers.
The taste, aroma and the texture are carefully blended based on the preference taste bud of local consumers. Only high quality beans are selected and roasted to a certain temperature to capture the relaxing smokey aroma and smooth texture flavor.
The aromatic extracted coffee powder is blended with refined sugar and all locally sourced ingredients of non- diary creamer for a wonderful taste of real coffee. COFFEE BADANG CAFÉ is manufactured in a clean room environment that strictly adhere to Total Quality Management system that guarantee and ensure top quality from every steps and stage of production. COFFEE BADANG CAFÉ is certified halal by JAKIM and obtained certification from KKM and MESTI.

Market Prospect

We focused our attention to produce and deliver product of uncompromised high quality and reliability at a competitive and affordable pricing locally and oversea. By 1st quarter of 2018, we expect to receive our first orders from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. The contract to supply 3 in 1 coffee to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau has been signed on 24th Oct 2017. The export to these countries are expected to increase in big volumes in 2019 when over 500 distribution channels fully operational. Besides China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau, we planned to meet Indonesia’s demand in mid of 2018 when our new plant start operation. We also participate in event conducting by the government agencies in order to look for new market segment in Middle East, Europe and America.

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Rahim Aziz

Rahim Aziz

Graphic Designer

"Sangat sedap berbeza dengan kopi-kopi yang lain, bila minum terasa kenyang. Kopi Badang Terbaik"



Independent Artist

" Easy to carry anywhere, it feels good. This is just right coffee. "

Ana Roses

Ana Roses


" Best taste, I really like it. Urm... minum secawan, nak bercawan-cawan. "

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